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Boston Government Services Reception and CCOR meeting
Tuesday, July 13, 7pm

 | BGS |

BGS hosted a wonderful reception for CCOR and for the photos we presented way back in 2019 for permanent display in the TS117 building. Approximately 35 to 40 people attended (and tasted the delicious hors d'oeuvres).

Thank you BGS !


CCOR Officer Slate 2021-22

CCOR also held a very short meeting in which The Four Musketeers were elected by unanimous acclamation. (shown above with Aramis pointing to D'Artagnon.)

Congratulations to the new officers.

  • President: Doug Hubbard
  • Program VP: Mike Slay
  • Competition VP: Chris Cannon
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Don Spong

The BGS Tour

The group received a special tour displaying the photos which BGS matted and framed and hung throughout the building.

 | Photo2 |

The photos at BGS were viewed and discussed by everyone.  | Photo1 | Someone with an artistic eye grouped them in different places throughout BGS.  | photo3 | with some of them upstairs and some on the first floor.  | photo4 | Congratulations to everyone whose photo was chosen.

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Any Photo Enthusiast

We are a group of enthusiastic photographers of all ages and levels of experience. Our monthly meetings alternate between educational presentations and themed competitions. We also have a yearly Salon in October that has been around since 1947! You are welcome to attend our meetings.

Current Officers and Chairs

Note: If you have saved the old email addresses for our officers and chairs you will discover they no longer work. But our Contact-Us page still works.

When and Where

While the nation is fighting the Covid-19 virus, we do virtual meetings using Zoom. Links to the meetings are included in the monthly, library Newsletters. The meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm, but join the zoom meeting at 7:00 to talk to CCOR members informally.

Normally, the Camera Club of Oak Ridge meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Oak Ridge campus of the Roane State Community College (RSCC), City Room, 701 Briarcliff Ave, Oak Ridge, TN.

star Roane State Community College RSCC logo has provided invaluable support to CCOR for many years. We really appreciate it!

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