In the Spotlight

Jun 13
Club Competition

Submit images of new construction. Consider the geometry of the structure, the workers and machinery doing the work, the texture of materials, the piles of junk, the dust and the puddles. Obey all construction site rules and regulations, and photograph only when it is safe to do so. Submit your digital images to Jim Parks no later than Friday June 9, so he can get them organized for the competition.

June 13

We will have our annual officer elections at the June 13 CCOR meeting. Officers serve one year terms. The nominating committee has put together the following list of candidates for the 2017-18 year:

  • Yvonne Dalschen: President
  • Jim Parks: Competition VP
  • Jill Vandagriff: Program VP
  • Dawn Isbell: Sec/Treas

Members can also make nominations at the June 13 meeting.

The board is considering some changes to the constitution. The Salon Chair position is the most challenging, demanding CCOR job and the chairperson should be recognized as a VP along with the club competition VP and Program VP. The Ambassador positions are currently appointed at the discretion of the President; and probably should remain as appointees. Club members can always propose changes to the constitution at meetings. The constitution can be found online at CCORconstitution.pdf.

Who We Are, What We Do

Any Photo Enthusiast

We are a group of enthusiastic photographers of all ages and levels of experience. Our monthly meetings alternate between educational presentations and themed competitions. We also have a yearly Salon in November that has been around since 1948! You are welcome to attend our meetings.

Current Officers

Club Photo Events

We've had some wonderful photographic events. To see them visit our Galleries page.

When and Where

The Camera Club of Oak Ridge meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Oak Ridge campus of the Roane State Community College, City Room, 701 Briarcliff Ave, Oak Ridge, TN.

Thanx and a tip of the Hat to f/32 photo for their generous support of CCOR.
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