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Mar 14
Lessons from Ansel Adams in the Digital Age
Steve Zigler

A photo of Steve Zigler

As a Ph.D. chemist, Steve thrives on the combination of art and science that creates a photographic image. He travels extensively, focusing on the amazing Tennessee landscapes, the western US, and some remote locations around the world. He still has his first camera given to him by his Uncle when he was a kid. It changed him forever.

Ansel Adams was a dedicated proponent of both creative expression and technical ability in photography. For him, a successful photograph was the product of creativity and craft, of art and science. Or, to use his terminology, aesthetics and craft. In 1983, Ansel remarked, “As with all creative work, the craft must be adequate for the demands of expression. I am disturbed when I find craft relegated to inferior consideration.”

Ansel was a futurist. “I eagerly await new concepts and processes,” he once said. In 1981, Ansel stated, “I believe that the electronic image will be the next major advance.” Steve will share what he has learned about Ansel and how his philosophies have informed his own photography, especially in terms of personal creative expression and technical craft. Most importantly, he hopes to share an appreciation of the 20th century giant known as Ansel Adams and encourage you to explore his work as a way to advance your own!

Apr 11
A Sense of Place

Images from travels that reflect the distinctive character of where you are. These may be street scenes, buildings, people, landscapes or anything else that conveys where you are. Tennessee images are not included since this is travel.

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