In the Spotlight

Aug 14

For August, we will host our yearly Meet-n-Greet presentation where members submit a selfie, their photographic interests, and three photos they have taken. This is our way of showcasing members so that we can recognize them at our meetings. The photos submitted will be collected into a SmugMug Meet-n-Greet folder with personal galleries for everyone who has entered. Participating members will be given an upload link to their MnG gallery so they can upload up to 30 photos during the year.

We will also host a photographic swap table at the meeting. Come early (7:00pm) and you can sell your old Brownie camera to whoever will buy it! All deals are strictly between agreeing participants.

Salon to be presented at Roane State Community College
Oak Ridge Campus

Our Salon is a month earlier this year! Roane State has graciously allowed us to use their facilities to highlight our Salon prints - for the whole month of October! Thank you Roane State!

Salon Entry details are on our Salon web page.

Who We Are, What We Do

Any Photo Enthusiast

We are a group of enthusiastic photographers of all ages and levels of experience. Our monthly meetings alternate between educational presentations and themed competitions. We also have a yearly Salon in November that has been around since 1948! You are welcome to attend our meetings.

Current Officers

When and Where

The Camera Club of Oak Ridge meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at the Oak Ridge campus of the Roane State Community College (RSCC), City Room, 701 Briarcliff Ave, Oak Ridge, TN.

Roane State Community College has provided invaluable support to CCOR for many years. We couldn't do it without you!
Thanx and a tip of the Hat to f/32 photo for their generous support of CCOR.
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