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Post-Processing Mastery
Karen Jones

Anyone who has seen Karen Jones' work knows she is a superior photographic artist. Her images are beautiful but perhaps more importantly capture great emotion that speak volumes. Karen seems to be able to integrate both the left and right sides of her brain when she creates an image. A big part of her success comes when she captures just the right moment--the twinkle in a subject's eye or the critical split-second in an action shot. Another important component of her creative genius is her ability to process her images. She is one of those photographers who "get it right"; not too little and not too much. Just the right touch to make her statement.

Black & White Images

Black and white images can bring out features that are lost in a color picture. Photos for this club competition can have any subject, but search for lines, tones and forms that make a striking black and white image.

Whats App?

The May meeting of the Camera Club of Oak Ridge featured several club members who provided overviews of a variety of smart phone apps they use in their photography pursuits. Presenters told what the apps do to facilitate planning and executing their shots or otherwise enhance their photographic experiences. They also provided information about costs associated with the apps, pros and cons, and other details.

Club Competition
Before and After

Karen Jones judged a very interesting club competition which was unusual in that members submitted up to three sets of two photos. The first photo of each set was an unaltered photo. The second was edited, altered, and sometimes Photoshopped to the point of making the original photo almost unrecognizable. Several people used more than one "before" photo to obtain the final results. One chose to restore a photo, which is a special talent in itself. It was a very interesting competition with Yvonne Dalschen, Mike Slay and Carolyn Slay taking top honors.

Yvonne.jpg Mike.jpg Carolyn.jpg

Stephen Wicks

The March meeting featured a presentation by Stephen Wicks, the Knoxville Museum of Art’s Barbara W. and Bernard E. Bernstein Curator. He discussed the process of curating photography exhibits. Prior to his appointment as Curator at the KMA, Mr. Wicks served as curator of collections and exhibitions at the Columbus Museum in Georgia and in a similar capacity at the Knoxville Museum of Art. Stephen Wicks

Club Competition
Things with Holes

This was a wholly entertaining competition with Pat Postma taking first place, Andreas Koschan taking second, and David Mann third. A photo by Dawn Isbell pictured an ancient artifact. One wonders how it was operated! Dawn Isbell

Seeing in Black and White
David Rudd

This meeting was dedicated to discussing new, strange and wonderful new cameras and technology along with their "gadgets". A lively discussion ensued. Everyone came away with a new appreciation for the changes that are occurring in photography.

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