Oak Ridge Scenes Gallery Information and Rules

Where it is

The Oak Ridge Scenes gallery is just one of CCOR's many galleries.

For the City and other Groups

The Oak Ridge City and other groups can use the photos in the Oak Ridge Scenes gallery (with permission from the individual photographers.) The gallery provides a place for club members to highlight their photos of Oak Ridge and if the City or other groups wish to use a photo, they can contact CCOR or the photographer for permission to use the photos - which are copyrighted. People and groups occasionally contact CCOR for permission to use photos they have seen in our SmugMug galleries. The Oak Ridge Scenes Gallery was specifically created as a place where members can upload photos that they would consider sharing with those groups.

Photos can be sold by members

Although CCOR doesn't sell photos itself, club members are free to negotiate with third party contacts about using photos in the Oak Ridge Scenes Gallery. CCOR will refer those contacts to the club members who own the rights to those photographs. Any deals are strictly between the club member and the third party.

Insert Metadata into your photos

Although not mandatory, if you wish to retain rights to your photos, be sure to enter metadata into your photos. Suggestions are to enter Title, Creator, Phone, email, and Copyrighted. Enter more if you wish.

Here are some ideas of typical Oak Ridge scenes, groups, or events that might be of commercial interest. Feel free to upload photos of other Oak Ridge events or scenery as well.

  • Tennessee Paracycling Open
  • OR Institute for Continued Learning
  • OR City Ballet
  • Secret City Festival
  • OR Symphony Orchestra
  • OR Sportsmans Assoc.
  • OR Rowing Assoc.
  • American Museum of Science and Energy
  • Children's Museum
  • Big Ed's Pizza
  • OR Playhouse
  • CCOR Salon
  • OR Bicycle Center
  • Roane State Community College
  • OR Library
  • Boy Scouts
  • Coffee Concerts
  • OR Velo Classic
  • Rotary Club

To upload your Oak Ridge Scenes photos to the gallery, get the link from our newsletters or ask our librarian, Ann Barber.

SmugMug is the host for all of our galleries. Among them, feel free to view our Oak Ridge Scenes Gallery.

Email our Gallery Librarian, Ann Barber, if you have questions.

Page Updated 06 22 2019