Annual Meet-n-Greet

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AT our annual August Meet-n-Greet meeting, everyone present (and virtual) will be introduced. Briefly discuss your photographic interests, history, or desires while we show your seven uploaded photos.

If you don't Rename your photos, we won't know who they belong to.


  • Charlie Chaplin 1.jpg (portrait)
  • Charlie Chaplin 2.jpg (Interests)
  • Charlie Chaplin 3.jpg
  • . . .
  • Charlie Chaplin 7.jpg

Photos 3 through 7 can be any photos you created that you'd like to share. They are an opportunity to highlight your work.

However, most of you are not Charlie Chaplin so use your name.

You can use " ", "-", or "_"

Jane Doe 1.jpg

Not a Contest! No Judging!

This meeting is just to get to know you better. Your photographic interests, desires, history - whatever you'd like us to know.

Simple Uploads

Our August newsletter which will be in our library (when emailed) will contain the upload link to the MnG gallery. Just open the link in the newsletter, and click and drag your photos into the browser window that opens.

small blinking circle Submit photos by Noon Sunday

In order to give the projectionist enough time to download all of the photos and organize them into Lightroom, please submit your photos before Noon on the Sunday before the contest.

An Example Upload

Here is an example of Charlie's uploads

Charlie Chaplin 1.jpg
This is not what you look like now. Gong!! Try again. AN-1

Charlie Chaplin 1.jpg
Okay, this is a Portrait. AN-1

Charlie Chaplin 2.jpg
A photographic interests image. AN-1

Charlie Chaplin 3.jpg
An Allegan, Michigan Staircase. AN-1

Charlie Chaplin 4.jpg
A Lake Michigan Staircase. AN-1

Charlie Chaplin 5.jpg
Not a portrait - a wizard? AN-1

Charlie Chaplin 6.jpg
Another way to waterski. AN-1

Charlie Chaplin 7.jpg
What time is it? AN-1

If you still don't know the time, or have more questions, send an email message to our Librarian.

Updated 08 05 2021