Who's Who

The Meet-n-Greet Program

Every August, CCOR features a "Meet-n-Greet" (MnG) presentation where we highlight several photos that represent each member's work. We hope to have every club member participate in the MnG this year!

The MnG Gallery

Your photos will be uploaded to a SmugMug gallery which will be displayed at the August CCOR meeting.

What to Upload

It's Different this year

This year we decided to request just three photos per person, not five. No portraits or photos with text on them are required. This is a bit easier.

Upload three of your Favorite Photos named:

If you prefer, you can use dashes or spaces instead of underscores. Of course, use your own name instead of Jane Doe.

These three photos can be anything that you'd like to share at our August meeting. They are your opportunity to showcase your photographic work to the club.

Not a Contest! No Judging!

That's right, this is not a contest! There will be No judging, although people may ask questions about your techniques, equipment, or where you took your photo. So, please join us in this no-stress photographic event.

Simple Uploads

Our August newsletter which is in our library contains the upload link to the MnG gallery. Just click the link in the newsletter, and click and drag your photos into the browser window that opens.

Submit photos by Noon Sunday

In order to give the projectionist enough time to download all of the photos, organize them into Lightroom, make sure they are named correctly, (and fix those that aren't), please submit your photos before Noon on the Sunday before the contest.

If you still have questions, send an email message to our Librarian.

Updated 08 22 2019