By Michael K. Miller

July 12, 7:30 pm

This class will describe and illustrate a variety of methods and techniques for taking photographs of small objects.  These techniques make visible the world that lies between the naked eye and microscopes. The equipment covered will include point and shoot cameras, DSLR cameras equipped with telephoto, macro, close-up, reversed, or stacked lenses, as well as extension tubes, bellows, and computer-controlled motorized focus rails for focus stacking.  The class is designed for all skill levels and budgets and will be heavily illustrated with examples from a variety of different small items and objects taken at this different magnified perspective. The class is also intended to give some ideas and inspiration for entries to the upcoming bi-monthly competition on “Nature Writ Small” scheduled for the October 11th CCOR monthly meeting.  In keeping with the small scale theme, a few small prizes will be awarded for the correct identification of some of objects featured in the images.
Following the presentation if time permits, some of the macro equipment and software that I use will be on display and demonstrated.


Mike Miller started taking macro photographs of individual atoms and photomicrographs during his doctorate at Oxford University in 1974. Several of these pictures have appeared on the covers of scientific journals and in scientific papers.  Since then he has travelled to all 7 continents taking photographs of wildlife and landscapes.  He retired from his position as a research scientist and UT-Battelle Corporate Fellow at ORNL in May 2015 to spend more time on his photography. He is a Fellow of the Microscopy Society of America, The Metallurgical Society, and the International Field Emission Society, as well as a member of the Camera Club of Oak Ridge and the Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers. He is the author of 4 scientific textbooks and 20 photobooks of wildlife, landscapes and cultures from his extensive travels around the world.

Note: Mike has graciously provided pdf copies of his class, its handouts, photographs and the Excel spreadsheet with camera formulae for you to enjoy. They are listed here.

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