Be our Guest

Be a guest at our meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm. We usually meet in the Roane State Community College (Oak Ridge Campus) at 701 Briarcliff Av., Oak Ridge, TN 37830. If you like, you can fill out a membership application form then, or you can download the Membership Application form and mail it to the Treasurer.

Club Dues

You can also join our merry band by using the PayPal button on this page, but be sure to choose the correct option:

  • Individual Membership ($20)
  • Family Membership ($30)
  • New Single Adult (after June) $10.00
  • New Family (after June) $15.00
  • Full Time Student: Free!

If you are a new member who has never joined CCOR before, and it is later than June 30, we'll reduce your membership dues by half for that year. In this case, make sure you choose either the "New Member (after June) $10.00" or "New Family (after June) $15.00" option. Only New members should use this option.

Our fiscal year starts the first of January. A full year's dues are for Jan 1 to Dec 31.

CCOR Membership Dues

Informal Meetings

Our meetings are informal and friendly, with people asking questions and sharing all sorts of information about photos they have taken. The judges we have for our every-other-month club competitions critique the entries, giving suggestions on how a photo might be improved or why they consider it a superior photo. The programs we have on alternate months with our competitions are presented by exceptionally talented local photographers and educators. Everyone is encouraged to participate and ask questions and give counter opinions to support their particular prejudices. We have a great time.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Updated 10 04 2019