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Rick Elliott's Bio

Tennessee Rick Elliott is a retired school teacher and basketball coach, storyteller, and a VERY amateur photographer, currently shooting action sports for area high schools and colleges. He's been interested in photography since 1995 when he inherited the job of high school yearbook sponsor. You can take a look at his portfolio at,
his Instagram feed at
and his sports work at
He's also a member of the
Smoky Mountain Storytellers
so his presentation isn't what you're used to from most photography courses. Come out and join the fun! Having bought and tried loads of gadgets that promised that this was truly the item that would make him an amazing photographer, he finally realized what Ansel Adams said was indeed true: “The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.” He’s going to start with a little bit about why you bought your camera in the first place, and then move on to how you might use it now to have a lot of fun and to create some lasting and inspiring images. Certainly he’ll mention a little bit about the “how’s” of portraiture, but it’s going to be a lot more on the “why’s” of creating someone’s image. That sounds all artsy and philosophical, but keep in mind Tennessee claims to have all the originality and creative insight of dry white toast - it’s nothing more than a hillbilly farm kid’s view of photography. The good news is that he’s not going to suggest you buy anything new, but instead use whatever you have already. Should you come to this program? Well . . . , it’s free, and if you hang around the house long enough with nothing to do, your “honey do list” is bound to grow exponentially. Take a chance on ol’ Tennessee. We hope you can share your Tuesday night, March 9th with us.