How to Submit your Photos to our Bi-Monthly Competitions

Competitions Overview

While the bi-monthly competitions described here are open only to club members, our annual Salon is open to everyone. For Salon information, see our Salon webpage.

CCOR features bi-monthly competitions open to club members. The photos must reflect or demonstrate the topic or "theme" for that month. The topics are different for each competition.
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Competition Theme Descriptions

(by Month)

October 2019

Modes of Transport

Transport is largely seen as something practical and often gets overlooked for its aesthetic qualities. But boats, cars, trains, planes, and more, can be visually outstanding in their own right; from the engineering to the strategy that goes into their operation – not to mention the natural beauty of the environments they travel through.

December 2019

Land, Sea and City

Landscape, seascape and cityscape photography are all breath-taking for their own, separate reasons, but we’re collating all three for this contest. One or more can be combined in the same shot or you can enter your finest example of just one.

February 2020

That Dramatic Black and White Experience

Submit your most dramatic Black and White photos, the ones that evoke mood and drama. This is not restricted to any specific genre so feel free to submit a portrait, landscape, or architectural image (just to name a few).

April 2020

Happy Portraits

What does joy look like to you? A baby's first smile? The open-mouthed scream of an athlete who just landed a backflip on a dirt bike. The human face can express joy in an infinite variety of ways. Submit your favorite joyful portraits.

June 2020

Glass Architecture

In architecture, glass can be used as external walls, internal partitions and a myriad of other features. Due to its reflective nature, it will be important for you to use the right settings when trying to photograph it, and aim to shoot in a softer, less harsh, light. You may be able to harness glass’ reflectivity to your advantage and know that in this competition you can choose to either have or not have reflections in the glass. The creative decision is yours!

Competition Details

Submit up to three photos

Club members can submit up to three digital images for each bi-monthly club competition. 

Use the JPG format

Save your photos in a .jpg format. Example:

Name your files "Fn_Ln_#.jpg"

where Fn_Ln_ is your First name and last name, and where # is 1, 2, or 3 to identify your three uploaded photos.

You can also use dashes or spaces instead of underscores.

For each competition, reuse the same filenames.
For example:


If your photos are not correctly named, we won't know who they belong to and they will not be displayed or judged!

No need to resize your photos

No Resizing!

By popular request, you are no longer required to resize your photos! lightroom resizes most of them for you. Resizing Explained

Set metadata Title if desired

IPTC metadata Titles are not required, but if you wish to display your photo with a Title, here are two ways to do so:

If you use Lightroom

There is a plug-in for Lightroom that will enable you to upload files directly to SmugMug.

Without the plug-in, you can still rename your photo and add an IPTC Title. To rename your file in Lightroom, view your selected image in "Library Mode" and select "Metadata" on the right hand panel. The second box under metadata asks for Filename. Change it to First_Lastname_# This does NOT change the filename in your Lightroom catalog - only the exported image. When you Export the photo the extension will be changed to .jpg.

An inch or so below the Filename box you will see a box for a Title. Type in the Title for your image and Export the file to your desktop or preferred folder.

If you use Photoshop

While in Photoshop click
File > Save As -- and change the filename to First_Lastname_# and save it as a .jpg file to your desktop or folder.
Next, Click
File > File Info -- and be sure to select the "IPTC Extension" tab. Scroll down to the "IPTC Status" heading. Add your Title in the box labeled "Title:" and save your file once more.

Use the upload link we email

When you have correctly named your photos and have added any desired Titles, use the upload link that was emailed to you in the monthly newsletter and your browser will display the upload gallery.
Lost the uplink? Find it in our library's newsletters.

Click and drag your photos

With the SmugMug upload gallery showing in your browser, click and drag your photos into the window from your desktop or folder. You can drag the photos one at a time, or you can upload several simultaneously. You can also click "browse" and select your photo files, and click “open.” You don't have to wait until each photo is finished uploading before starting on the next one.

After uploading your files, click the “Done” button in the upper right side of the SmugMug menu bar. At that point, just close your SmugMug browser window.

You will not see your images once they have been uploaded.
We hide them until they are judged.

Submit before Noon Sunday

In order to give our SmugMug Librarian and LightRoom projectionist time to process the uploaded files, please submit your photos no later than Sunday Noon before the Tuesday meeting at which the photos will be judged.

Thank you for entering!

Thank you for your entries and participation. Be sure to attend the meeting when your photos will be judged. The judges usually give lots of comments about each photo entered. They give reasons to support their decisions. We tend to alternate between artsy judges and photographers' judges. They each have their own point of view but the best photos incorporate artistic design as well as photographic excellence.

See you there!

Updated 10 04 2019