How to Submit your Photos to our Bi-Monthly Competitions

Competitions vs Salon

While the bi-monthly competitions described here are open only to club members, our annual Salon is open to everyone. For Salon information, see our Salon webpage.

Bi-monthly Competitions

Open to club members

CCOR features bi-monthly competitions open to club members. The photos must use or demonstrate the topic or "theme" for that month. The themes are different for each competition and are listed below.

Click the blue arrows to reveal more details about each theme.

Competition Themes

Oct: Hands

October 12, 2021

Hands, much like eyes, make a photo relatable to the viewers. Often times, they can be used to draw in the eye, or hands can even be used to lead the eye. Weathered hands with wrinkles or the softness of a baby's hands add different textures to a photograph, all while evoking emotion. In this challenge, you can photograph hands in many different ways. It can be a close, intimate portrait of hands, a wider view of someone waving or directing a viewer, or even an abstract using the shapes and lines of hands. Adding action - clapping, pointing, etc - can bring life to your photos, as well.

Dec: To be determined

December 14, 2021

Feb: To be determined

Feb 8, 2022

Apr: To be determined

April 12, 2022

Jun: To be determined

June 14, 2022

Competition Details

Submit up to three photos

Club members can submit 1, 2, or 3 digital images for each bi-monthly club competition.

Use the JPEG format

Save your photos in a .jpg format.
For Example:

Files should be larger than 2000 pixels on the long side

For the judge to see your photo with enough detail, it should be at least 2000 pixels on the long side. (Either horizontal or vertical) That's not a hard and fast number, but a guideline.

Name your files "Fn_Ln_#.jpg"

Name your photos correctly!

Name your files using your First and last name followed by underscores and where # is 1, 2, or 3.
For example:


Use a metadata Title if desired

IPTC metadata Titles are not required, but if you wish to display your photo with a Title, here are two ways to do so:

If you use Lightroom

There is a plug-in for Lightroom that will enable you to upload files directly to SmugMug.

Without the plug-in, you can still rename your photo and add an IPTC Title. To rename your file in Lightroom, view your selected image in "Library Mode" and select "Metadata" on the right hand panel. The second box under metadata asks for Filename. Change it to First_Lastname_# This does NOT change the filename in your Lightroom catalog - only the exported image. When you Export the photo the extension will be changed to .jpg.

An inch or so below the Filename box you will see a box for a Title. Type in the Title for your image and Export the file to your desktop or preferred folder.

If you use Photoshop

While in Photoshop click
File > Save As -- and change the filename to First_Lastname_# and save it as a .jpg file to your desktop or folder.
Next, Click
File > File Info -- and be sure to select the "IPTC Extension" tab. Scroll down to the "IPTC Status" heading. Add your Title in the box labeled "Title:" and save your file once more.

Use the upload link we email

Use the link emailed to you in each monthly newsletter to upload your photos for the competition.

You can also find the link in our library's newsletters or you can ask our Librarian.

Click and drag your photos

Once the SmugMug upload web page shows in your browser, click and drag your photos into the window from your desktop or folder.

Your images are usually hidden from view until they have been judged.

Submit before Noon small blinking circle Sunday

Please submit your photos no later than Noon on the Sunday before the Tuesday meeting at which the photos will be judged.

Thank you for entering!

Please share your photographs even if you only enter one (1) image.

It is more fun when we have lots of entries. Thank you for your participation and your contributions to the discussions.
And remember: In any competition, only one person is likely to think the judge was right!

Updated 08 30 2021