Salon 2018 Rules
not yet Published

2017 Rules, Reference Only!

Download the Salon Rules and Judges' Guidelines below. Click on the appropriate pdf Entry Forms and Save them to your desktop. Open each saved form and enter data. Save each form again and email them to Salon Entry Forms.

The Judges' Guidelines are given to our Salon Judges to provide them with a framework for their evaluations. The judges are seasoned photographers and professionals whose varied backgrounds blend differing perspectives and expertise to more fairly judge the photographs. The guidelines are provided to help guide but not dictate the process of judging.

Salon Overview

The Club’s Annual Salon is East Tennessee’s most prestigious photography competition and show. Hundreds of entries from both amateurs and professionals throughout East Tennessee hang in the beautiful New Hope Center during November. The show formally opens with an evening reception and gallery walk at the New Hope Center on Nov 3rd from 5:30 to 9:15 PM.

Salon Divisions

The 2017 Salon has four major Divisions:

  • Black and White Printed Entries,
  • Color Printed Entries
  • Projected Entries (Digital)
  • and Students (7th-12th Grade)

In the Projected Entries Division, Black & White and Color photographs are judged together.

The first three Divisions have 9 Categories:

  1. Architecture
  2. Botanical
  3. Creative Processing
  4. Creative Vision
  5. Inanimate Objects
  6. Landscape
  7. People
  8. Scenic
  9. Wildlife

The Student Division (7th -12th grade) is new. It contains three Categories:

  1. Wild Things
  2. Moving Things
  3. Inanimate Things

Definitions for all of the categories can be found in the Salon Rules. We have tried to make the definitions as clear as possible, knowing that they are still subject to somewhat different interpretations by photographers. Because of this, an entry might be moved from one category to another by the CCOR person who checks to see that the images are in the correct categories.

Prints Must be mounted on only 16" x 20" by 3/16" foam core board. Prints that are not on just 3/16" foam core board will not be accepted.

Every year, a few submitted prints peel away from their foam core backing while being displayed. Be certain your images are securely mounted in order to avoid disqualification (during judging) or removal from display afterwards.

You can view a comprehensive .MP4 video by Jim Parks demonstrating an effective way to mount prints so they will display properly and safely at this link: Photo Mount.

Salon Entry Fee

The Salon is FREE for CCOR members and 7th -12th grade students, and $20 for non-members.