CCOR Ancient History

CCOR Program History 2017

Jan 10
Food Photography
by Genna Sellers

Food photography is more than taking a photo of a delicious meal, it is a way to stir the emotions with beautiful imagery that tells a story and allows the viewer to “taste with their eyes.” During the January meeting of CCOR Genna Sellers, CPP will share her enthusiasm for food photography and include some of the tips and tricks that will take your imagery to the next level. 

Genna Sellers Photography

Genna Sellers, Pharm.D. BCOPS, TCD, CPP. TN Professional Photographer of the year 2013-2014. TN Top 10 Photographer of the year 2013-2016 ASMPTN Vice President, PPA Councilor

Jan 12
Portrait Worshop
Douglas Hubbard

A "Hands-on Portrait Workshop" led by expert portrait photographer Doug Hubbard, from 6:30 PM till 9 PM at Roane State Community College, room A-111. Meet up with fellow photographers to get familiar with your equipment. Be prepared to take turns photographing and being photographed (no models). We'll experiment with off-camera flash, reflecting and diffusing light, try out poses for headshots etc. This workshop is about practice, sharing ideas and expertise. Bring your camera and flash/speedlight, flash cable, reflector, light stand, diffuser, any other helpful gadgets. The number of participants will be limited to 12. Please RSVP to to reserve a place, if you would like to participate.

Feb 14
Club Competition
The Night Sky

ANy images taken outdoors at night. This can include astrophotography, city lights, Christmas lights, illuminated buildings and bridges, shadow and light effects, etc. Judge TBA

Mar 14
Lessons from Ansel Adams
in the Digital Age
Steve Zigler

A photo of Steve Zigler

As a Ph.D. chemist, Steve thrives on the combination of art and science that creates a photographic image. He travels extensively, focusing on the amazing Tennessee landscapes, the western US, and some remote locations around the world. He still has his first camera given to him by his Uncle when he was a kid. It changed him forever.

Ansel Adams was a dedicated proponent of both creative expression and technical ability in photography. For him, a successful photograph was the product of creativity and craft, of art and science. Or, to use his terminology, aesthetics and craft. In 1983, Ansel remarked, “As with all creative work, the craft must be adequate for the demands of expression. I am disturbed when I find craft relegated to inferior consideration.”

Ansel was a futurist. “I eagerly await new concepts and processes,” he once said. In 1981, Ansel stated, “I believe that the electronic image will be the next major advance.” Steve will share what he has learned about Ansel and how his philosophies have informed his own photography, especially in terms of personal creative expression and technical craft. Most importantly, he hopes to share an appreciation of the 20th century giant known as Ansel Adams and encourage you to explore his work as a way to advance your own!

Apr 20
Post-Processing Workshop
by Karen Jones

Join the Camera Club of Oak Ridge for a special workshop on post-processing techniques using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Karen Jones, an award-winning photographer and member of CCOR, will use photographs submitted by workshop participants to show how she would process a photograph to enhance its final outcome. Karen will demonstrate both basic and advanced post-processing techniques such as use of layers, masking techniques, levels adjustments and application of textures. As Ansel Adams said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

The workshop will take place from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at the CCOR’s usual meeting room at Roane State (City Room). Participants may submit up to 2 straight-out-of-camera RAW or jpeg files to Karen at and Karen will choose 5-10 photos to present at the workshop. When you submit images to Karen, please indicate in the subject line “CCOR Workshop File.”

Special Bonus! Remember this photo from the CCOR 2016 Salon? Karen will demonstrate how she took and processed this image, which took First Place in the Digital Creative Development Division.

Photo by Karen Jones

Have a photograph that you think could be a challenge for Karen? Maybe an image you would like to see someone else interpret? Join us for this workshop sure to improve your important post-processing skills!

To register for the workshop, please send an email to or indicate your attendance on our Facebook page announcement.

May 9
Knoxville Street Photography
Donald Spurgeon

"To me a great photographer is one that expresses what one feels in the deepest sense about what is being photographed." With each picture he takes Don tries to include the history and stories about the places he photographs. He can be followed on Facebook at Recreational Photography. He will discuss gear he uses, how to visualize the photo to express the sense of feeling for the subject, and how to approach and talk to people on the street to take their photo. He will use his photos as examples in his presentation.

Colby McLemore Judge

Anything to do with construction. Buildings, workers, big equipment, scaffolding.

Knoxville Photography Project
Bruce McCamish

My apologies, no information.


This is our yearly meeting where we try to highlight members and their photographic interests, desires and aspirations. We have (especially) new members submit a portrait of themselves, a photo with text describing their interests, photographic accomplishments, and several photos that represent their endeavors. The idea is to get to know each other and provide some photos so we can recognize each other at the meetings. Members are provided with a SmugMug account where their photos will be uploaded after the meeting. They are also given a SmugMug link they can use to upload more examples of their work.


Colby McLemore

My apologies, no information.

Genna Sellers

Photographing food involves much more than just clicking a picture of food on the dinner table. To make food appear appetizing, many tricks are performed to make those mouth-watering photos that make you want to run out and satifsfy your cravings.

Salon Revisited
Jill Vandagriff

So much work goes into our yearly Salon we thought it would be a good idea to recap the higlights of this prestigious competition. It is also a good time to think about what we can do to make it better in the coming year.

Beautiful Tennessee
Douglas Hubbard

Tennessee has so much beauty, it's difficult to describe it all. It has so many different faces. Different topology, geology, geography, waterfalls, trails, parks, greenways, people, places, history, you name it - Tennessee's got it. ...Okay, I admit it, Tennessee doesn't have an ocean.