CCOR Program History 2016

Dec 13
Club Competition

Colby McLemore judged December's club competition with the theme "Performance". During the judging process, he gave his reasons for his decisions along with astute comments about each entry. Afterwards, he engaged the whole group in a dialog about why he preferred some of the entries over others. The group then engaged in a photographic "swap shop" where some valuable donated cameras were taken home for free. If you weren't there, you missed some great deals!

Nov 8
A Brief, Yet Incomplete History of Photojournalism
by Rob Heller

Robert Heller

Robert Heller, a professor in the School of Journalism and Electronic Media at the University of Tennessee since 1986, received his B.S. and M.A. degrees in photojournalism from Syracuse University. He gave a very entertaining and informative talk about photojournalism laced with photos and illustrations from ancient to modern history. He described the printing technologies and cultural issues that affected what was printed, and how it was printed. In the past, it was considered acceptable to recreate the scene of an incident using actors who were photographed. Illustrations of the photograph were then created from the photo. The photo was subsequently printed. These, and other historical facts were described in a way that made the talk fascinating.

Oct 11
Club Competition
Nature Writ Small

This bi-monthly competition received 47 digital entries about everything really small. Not necessarily microscopic, but as you can see, some of them were uncomfortably close! The results were:
1st, Lee Smalley, “Spider”
2nd and Viewer's choice, Dallas Lombard, “Ice Drop contest"
3rd, Kristina Plaas, "Periwinkle en Pointe”
Honorable Mentions: Jim Parks, “Monarch Butterfly”, and David Mann, “Cicada”.
Congratulations to all participants for their excellent entries. The judge was Mike Miller.

Spider Ice Drop Contest Periwinkle en Pointe Monarch Butterfly Cicada

Sept 13
Shawn Harrison

Shawn covered all the basic concepts of capture and processing for astrophotography by describing his own journey over the last four years and how he ended up with the equipment he has now.
"Christmas Eve 2011 my wife gave me a Sky & Telescope magazine as a stocking stuffer. Inside was an article that said you could see the Orion Nebula with small binoculars. Ten minutes later I was outside in my pajamas mumbling Well, I'll be... you really can see it. I immediately got a small telescope off craigslist for $100. Soon after that I held a cheap digital camera up to the eyepiece and took a picture of the moon.
It was at that moment I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up."

We will have a Tamke-Allen Observatory star gazing party calendar available, although Saturday, Sept 17 will be a full moon making astrophotography chancy due to werewolves. Note: Saturday, Oct 1st may be a much better night.
Shawn Harrison Astronomy
Smoky Mtn Astro


We usually reserve August as our Meet-n-Greet meeting where members are encouraged to send in several photographs representing their work. We also like to have them send in a portrait of themselves so we can figure out who they are when they show up at meetings. Members are also encouraged to tell us what they are interested in, and what they might like to see as programs for CCOR during the next year. Our 2016 Meet-n-Greet program was a big success. We had around twenty people who sent in photos.

Jul 12
Close Up & Macro Photography
Michael K. Miller

This class will describe and illustrate a variety of methods and techniques for taking photographs of small objects.  These techniques make visible the world that lies between the naked eye and microscopes. The equipment covered will include point and shoot cameras, DSLR cameras equipped with telephoto, macro, close-up, reversed, or stacked lenses, as well as extension tubes, bellows, and computer-controlled motorized focus rails for focus stacking.  The class is designed for all skill levels and budgets and will be heavily illustrated with examples from a variety of different small items and objects taken at this different magnified perspective. The class is also intended to give some ideas and inspiration for entries to the upcoming bi-monthly competition on “Nature Writ Small” scheduled for the October 11th CCOR monthly meeting.  In keeping with the small scale theme, a few small prizes will be awarded for the correct identification of some of objects featured in the images.

Biography:  Mike started taking macro photographs of individual atoms and photomicrographs during his doctorate at Oxford University in 1974. Several of these pictures have appeared on the covers of scientific journals and in scientific papers.  Since then he has travelled to all 7 continents taking photographs of wildlife and landscapes.  He retired from his position as a research scientist and UT-Battelle Corporate Fellow at ORNL in May 2015 to spend more time on his photography. He is a Fellow of the Microscopy Society of America, The Metallurgical Society, and the International Field Emission Society, as well as a member of the Camera Club of Oak Ridge and the Southern Appalachian Nature Photographers. He is the author of 4 scientific textbooks and 20 photobooks of wildlife, landscapes and cultures from his extensive travels around the world.

June 14
Cellphone Photography

The June CCOR meeting featured an intra-club competition with the theme of cell phone photos for photos of any subject taken with a cell phone. The judge, Colby McLemore of Colby's Photography, made a point that all the images were winners, and he chose the attached photos:

First Place: Carolyn Slay, Thunbergia
Second Place: Carolyn Slay, Footprints
Third Place: Jill Vandagriff, Reflections of Waffle House
Honorable Mention: Jim Dodson, Tiny Worlds

Congratulations to all the entrants on their great entries. The contest was illuminating on how far the image quality of cell phones has progressed.

At the meeting CCOR auctioned off a very nice collection of legacy Nikon gear. Club president, Rob Welton, served as auctioneer. Michael Miller completed an in depth inventory of the gear. This provided the less experienced with guidance regarding which lenses were compatible with which camera bodies and regarding the true market value of each item.

The club is grateful to Chris Travaglini who donated the equipment. It belonged to her late husband Art who collected and kept it in immaculate condition over a lifetime as an avid photographer.

What a win-win situation: the club treasury received $525 and the gear went for bargain prices to good homes with photographers who can appreciate it.

May 10, 7:30 pm
Motorsports Photography
by John P. Kernodle

At the May 10th meeting of the Camera Club of Oak Ridge, John made a presentation on sports and action photography. He presented a slideshow of his Motorsports Photography images followed by a talk on sports and action photography gear and technique. While the focus was be on motor racing photography, the subjects were of benefit to those interested in shooting any type of sports or action.
Bio and Details

In addition to John's presentation, the CCOR nominating committee presented a slate of officers for election at the June meeting and asked for additional nominations from the floor.

Apr 12
Club Competition
Winter Sketches

Bare branches, frosted leaves, ice, snow - all the effects of winter. These may be individual objects, small scenes or landscapes.

Mar 8
Mastering Wedding Film in 2016

Casey Peddicord, one of Knoxville’s top wedding cinematographers, presented a seminar entitled, Mastering Wedding Film in 2016. In today’s world the artistic, technical and business boundaries between still imagery and video production are becoming less and less defined as camera technology and software improves, filmmakers from photography backgrounds are making greater artistic impacts on the field and clients now often expect video as well as still images. Casey discussed and demonstrated what is now the state of the art here in East Tennessee. Talk Outline link.

March 4, 6-8pm
Linden Family Art Night

Linden school's Family Art night was a fun event at Linden Elementary school that featured a combined exhibition of work from local artists and cool activities for elementary school aged kids. It had a few hundred visitors! CCOR has been present there over the last couple years and we usually have had an indoor table with a banner and either showcase something (like prints), demonstrate something (like a live feed from Dennis' gopro) or run a photo booth for the kids. Linden Family Night 2016

Feb 9
Club Competition
Pet Photography

Another lively CCOR meeting last Tuesday which featured an exhibition pets and yard birds submitted by members along with and judging and instructional critique by Larry Perry. James Parks added the perfect music to the slide show and a cub scout troop was present and it was a perfect evening!! The winners for the bi-monthly competition was 1st Place: Rick Robinson, Feline Design; 2nd Place: Carolyn Slay, Her favorite Thing; 3rd Place: Yvonne Thomas, Winter Beauty; HM: HM Mann, David Russell and photo credit for the meeting picture: Charles Samuels. Feb 2016 Club Competition Winners

Jan 12
John Clark
National Park Photography

The Program for January will be our own CCOR member John Clark, giving tips and tricks on his National Park photography. In his own words: "My presentation will focus on images I've taken over the past 19 years in our National Park system. I've also included several state parks, and recreation areas. My travels have taken me to many of these locations, numerous times, in every season. For many of you, these images will resurrect memories from when you visited. For others, maybe they will invoke some kind of need to see some of these spectacular places in our own backyard."

Starting in 2016 we will be keeping CCOR past program and club competition short descriptions here. Sort of a program history, if you will. The history of previous years is in separate pages.