CCOR Meeting History

December, 2015
Club Competition

The December 2015 Bi-Monthly Competition was Portrait Photography. Submissions to this competition included straightforward Portraits of an individual or a group of two or more people of any age in a studio or in an outdoor setting. Portrait lighting is critical in this category, whether natural or artificial. Any natural or studio background is acceptable. Editing should be limited to standard darkroom techniques. Added elements considered creative development were not allowed. I don't have the name of the lady who won the print category, but her print was beautiful. Doug Hubbard took first, second and third place in the digital entries. Way to go, Doug!

November, 2015
Cumberland Trail Photo Project

Peter Koczera is going to talk about the Cumberland Trail Photography Project. The Cumberland Trail project was started by hikers from Oak Ridge in the 1960s, and it became Tennessee's 53rd state park in 1998. It crosses 11 TN counties and is a work in progress with 182 of 282 miles of trail ready to hike. The CTPP is to document and promote nature, history and construction of the Cumberland Trail.

The Cumberland Trail Photography Project (CTPP) is an ambitious, multi-year undertaking to thoroughly document and artistically interpret the Cumberland Trail, its natural wonders, historical sites, construction progress, and the communities and people who continue to contribute to its growing history. Documentary and artistic photography produced for the CTPP will be conserved in the Cumberland Trail Archives, and used to promote the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Trail online, in print media, and in exclusive gallery showings.

Peter Koczera, CTPP Project Director and Lead Photographer, joins us after a career of over thirty years in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Originally from New Bedford Massachusetts, Peter moved to California in 1973 to attend the California Institute for the Arts where he received a BA and MFA in Film/Video and also studied at the Orson Welles Film School and RCA Institutes. Throughout his career, Peter has worked internationally in Visual Effects & Graphics Works as a digital artist, teacher and consultant. His numerous film and television credits include Cheers, Golden Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, NYPD Blue, Holes, The Scorpion King, October Sky, Titanic and many more favorites of the silver and small screens. Peter is father to four children and grandfather to four, and now makes his home in Caryville, Tennessee.

October 13, 2015
Explore Oak Ridge Photography Competition

This CCOR competition is open to Everyone! The town of Oak Ridge is working with the Camera Club of Oak Ridge to improve our town's digital presence which includes the release of a new web site We are holding a digital photo contest (submission deadline Oct 9, 2015), open and free to the public, for digital images taken in the Oak Ridge area which shows how beautiful and active our town really is. Cash prizes will be awarded for the best images in each of these categories:

  • science/technology,
  • nature,
  • arts,
  • history,
  • and sports

Photographers must be present at the October meeting to win.  The competition is open to the public, including students - not just club members. Each person can enter up to five photographs, and participants must allow CCOR and the City of Oak Ridge to use the images. Entries can be old or new photos, but must have been created by the person submitting them.

If you were considering moving to, or visiting Oak Ridge, what images would most intrigue you? Those are the images we are looking for. Submission is by email to: Club Comp. Files should be less than 15mb (in order to go through the email systems) and should be 300dpi so they can be printed in high resolution for the newspapers, etc. Note: For this competition only, you do *not * have to reduce the file to 1400 pixels. Higher resolution is encouraged for best print results.

September, 2015
Print Mounting Seminar

Doug Hubbard, Lee Smalley, David Senn and Jim Parks all gave demonstrations of their techniques for mounting prints. This was an especially useful seminar since our Annual Salon is coming up fast. There always seem to be a few Salon prints that manage to peel away from the foam core board because they didn't adhere properly, so learning how to mount the prints more securely is good information to know. Doug showed how to mount prints using an adhesive sprayed onto the print itself. This is kind of tricky, but you get better at it with experience. Lee Smalley provided a link to his method of mounting prints after the meeting. "The print mounting sheet adhesive that I referenced at tonight's CCOR meeting is 3M Positionable Mounting Adhesive 568. If you would like to view the video that I showed it may be found here:". An unnamed source rated the techniques: "Glue and mounting adhesives went 2:2, rollers won 3:1." Alas, I was not there to verify the results.

Aug, 2015

We held our annual Meet-n-Greet program where people bring in (or email) a self-portrait, their photographic interests, and an unspecified number of their photographic works to be displayed on the Big Screen. We had around twenty people who sent in photos and updates. There are some amazing photographers in our club. I am continually amazed at how good their work is.

Something the club members do not yet know is that every person who participates in our Meet-n-Greet Gallery now has a personal account which they can use to upload, delete, and manage their Meet-n-Greet Album any time they want, all year long. They can even choose to have only club members view their Albums if they wish. We'll get around to announcing it pretty soon.

July 14 at 7:00 PM

Photographic Drones
by Chris Stinson

Note: We will start early at 7:00 pm July 14th in order to have a live demonstration of the equipment outside.

Aerial Photography is a fast approaching new technology that is currently used by very few to get amazing perspectives and unlock a whole new potential to photography! The presentation will primarily focus on the benefits, maintenance, and requirements for aerial photography with example aircraft and accessories. Everything from Go Pro’s to mirror less systems can be adapted to aerial photography with the right equipment and know-how. Get up close and personal with the equipment and learn the Do’s and Don’ts from a seasoned Drone Pilot to put myths to rest and see what it takes to start! Weather permitting, join in the outdoor presentation of the capabilities of an aerial photography drone.

February 10, 2015

dSLR Videography

by Bryan Allen

In this talk I will share my thoughts on the emergence of dSLR video. I will also walk you through the challenges of shooting on this platform and how you can overcome those challenges. I’ll show you some of my work and more importantly some behind-the-scenes clips of that work being made to give you a feel for the requisite gear and grip to do the job right. So this is not Film School 101. Everything I discuss will be from the perspective of a photographer transitioning to shooting video... not the other way around.

Bryan's website is He can also be found at For the full program description, see BryanAllen.shtml

Bryan Allen

Bryan is an award winning photographer and videographer based in Knoxville, TN. He has over thirty years of experience behind the lens. He maintains a commercial photography business as well as a boutique wedding and portraiture business that has been voted Knoxville’s Best seven times. Bryan is also an engineer with over 20 years of experience in technology and media. He loves to share the craft and art of photography. His diverse background, dynamic teaching style, and hands on experience make for a wonderful learning opportunity!

January 13, 2015

Contest: Inventions and Dimensions

This competition will focus on industrial, mechanical and technology subjects.   These may be realistic representations or abstract perspectives (but still identifiable as fitting the theme) with or without creative post-development work.