CCOR Meeting History 2014

November 4, 2014

The Art of the Photograph - A Miscellaneous Salon by Yvonne Dalschen

Sorted into the categories of our own Salon we will look at images that are considered art. Pictures from different eras in the history of photography will show technical innovations as well as art developments. At the end of the night we will have seen the earliest photos ever taken but also the most expensive photography at auction. Some images will inspire us for the next year, some maybe not.

Audience participation is encouraged. We can discuss the categories, add any information you may have or find a volunteer to critique an image.

Ms Dalschen worked at an auction house in Munich before moving around the world and picking up photography. She has a UT non-credit photography certificate, a couple of competition ribbons and is working on a history of the Camera Club of Oak Ridge.

Genna Sellers, Learning to Compete and Competing to Learn

With our 66th Annual Salon coming soon, nothing could be more appropriate for Genna Sellers' October 14th program about competitions? Genna Sellers is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) who has been honored with numerous awards including TN Professional Photographer of the Year, Top 10 Photographer of the Year, and many best of show and judges choice awards. Her images have been included in the International Photographic Competition's (IPC) prestigious Loan Collection multiple times. She has also attended PPA's Judges Workshop which has given her insight into what the judges are really looking for.

Learning to Compete and Competing to Learn


Are Photographic Competitions Worthwhile or Worthless

Brief Description:
During the evening we will wind through the maze of competitions, focusing on those that utilize trained judges who anonymously and objectively evaluate your images. Competitions can offer you a great opportunity for growth by stretching your abilities and your imagination. Genna will share some of her competition critiques and follow the evolution of an image from submission to a local salon, to being included in the International Photographic Competition's Loan Collection.
Her website is

August 12, 2014 Program

We start off the new club year with CCOR's Meet and Greet show. Email Jim Parks (Competition VP) three or so recent photos representing your area of photographic interest. Also submit a recent portrait of yourself with a brief "photographic Bio" containing your interests and suggestions for future CCOR program topics. This information will be placed in our Gallery's Meet-n-Greet folder so we can see your Face and match it up with your Name. We are interested in hearing from new members and for updates from established members. This is an open format so bring your questions and expertise and be ready to get involved in our Salon.

July 2014 (No meeting)

Since many of our members have vacations in July, there will not be a meeting for that month.

March 11, 2014 Program

Douglas Hubbard will be offering a presentation on portrait photography at the March 11th meeting. This is a great opportunity to hear from one of our club's best portrait photographers. Learn the secrets of compelling portrait photography with a small amount of equipment, especially shoe mount type flashes which are in most camera bags already. A short presentation will give the definitions of different types of lighting and their normal studio set-up. Then we will proceed to a live shooting session showing the effect of various light modifiers. You'll learn to compose great shots with a single light, though you can extend these principles to more sophisticated studio lighting.  We will have a model, so no volunteers from the audience required.  There will be a few basic posing tips; however, this program will concentrate on the lighting techniques employed.  When possible, the live session will be shot from a camera tethered to the computer and projected so that the effects will be more apparent.  We'll emphasize getting great results in camera and minimizing post-production headaches. 

Jan 14, 2014 Program

Our own Lee Smalley will present: Micro Four Thirds Camera systems.

What is a micro four thirds camera? How does one compare to a DSLR or to a compact camera? Lee will make a short presentation on the relative merits of this fairly new class of cameras following which members will have an opportunity to see and handle several bodies and lenses. Bring your own SD card if you wish to take some images for pixel peeping at home.

We will also have a presentation on the GoPro Hero 3 Sports camera. Dennis Clark will bring his own Hero 3 with its numerous Barbie Doll accessories. Instead of telling us what the camera is, he will show us what it does. Since pictures are supposed to be worth a thousand words, you'll be spared from hearing about 50,000 of them.