CCOR Ancient History

CCOR Program History 2017

Seeing in Black and White
David Rudd

Photographing in Black and White can sometimes highlight features that are swamped when viewed in color. Discovering which photos will look better in B&W is more than just turning off the color in Photoshop.

Seeing in Black and White
David Rudd

Aha! If you attended the January meeting, you are well-prepared for this month's competition in Black and White. Last month's program and this competition helped us see the world in a new light.


Stop. Look. Look again!
Baldwin Lee

Baldwin Lee's talks are always wonderful and this was no exception. Among the other pearls of photographic wisdom imparted was a discussion about taking time to get your picture. Most people "see" a picture, stop, take the picture, and then continue on their way. Ansel Adams frequently went to a location and spent the whole day there. The first photo he took was usually very good, but as he took time to view what was before him, he discovered different ways to "see" the same area from a different perspective. Baldwin showed us a series of six photos Ansel took at one location, and as they progressed throughout the day, they went from good, to better, and finally to "genius". >