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CCOR Program History 2018

Seeing in Black and White
David Rudd

Photographing in Black and White can sometimes highlight features that are swamped when viewed in color. Discovering which photos will look better in B&W is more than just turning off the color in Photoshop.

Seeing in Black and White
David Rudd

Aha! If you attended the January meeting, you are well-prepared for this month's competition in Black and White. Last month's program and this competition helped us see the world in a new light.

Tyson Smith

Perspective in photography is accomplished by using a number of different techniques to make photographs look more nearly 3-dimensional. Parallel lines that appear to meet at the horizon of a photo, and dimmer, faded or foggy backgrounds are just two of the techniques that were discussed at the meeting.

Looking is Harder than it Looks
Baldwin Lee

Baldwin Lee's talks are always wonderful and this was no exception. Among the other pearls of photographic wisdom imparted was a discussion about taking time to get your picture. Most people "see" a picture, stop, take the picture, and then continue on their way. Ansel Adams frequently went to a location and spent the whole day there. The first photo he took was usually very good, but as he took time to view what was before him, he discovered different ways to "see" the same area from a different perspective. Baldwin showed us a series of six photos Ansel took at one location, and as they progressed throughout the day, they went from good, to better, and finally to "genius". >

Abstract Photography
Paula Campbell

Paula navigated us through the shifting territory of abstract photography. Almost 60 entries covered all the bases: staged objects, camera movement, close ups, different vantage points, careful framing and not shying away from showing the processing, recognizing that pictures are made not taken. Abstract apparently means different things to different people!

Rob Heller

We had 30 humorous photos for this competition judged by Rob. Horse and rider took it all, children in the moment made everybody smile and cats beat dogs by an inch. Rob Heller commented that photographers should carefully plan their humorous shot, frame it, and wait for the right expression at the right moment. Nevertheless, serendipitous shots are sometimes the best. A photographer to look up for intelligent humor: Elliott Erwitt. All photos can be viewed on our website in the Smugmug Gallery.

Actualizing Artistic Intent in Prints
Doug Hubbard.

The July meeting featured a timely presentation by long-time member Doug. His topic was especially informative for those of us planning to print images for the Salon. Doug covered topics including profiles, tips for matching color to printer color, workflow, and matching paper type with artistic intent.


The August Meet-n-Greet meeting was a real success with 31 members submitting five or more photos to their MnG gallery provided by CCOR. Fredith Skaife, our brand new projectionist did a great job of downloading, renaming and bundling photos into Lightroom. There was sufficient time before and after the formal meeting for people to talk informally which is what the MnG meeting is all about.

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