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    Login Details

    Your account Username is your first name, followed by a single space, followed by your last name. Your first and last name must be capitalized. e.g, "John Doe" without the quotes.

    If you make a mistake you'll see a New login page with a pretty pink error and Two places to login. Make your life easy - choose the right-hand login spot. Initial Gallery login page

    If you are successful, you will see the familiar MnG gallery Albums page, except there's an astonished message "Hello John Doe!" (7) where the left Login box was before. Like they were surprised you finally succeeded! Initial Gallery login page

    In fact, they're setting you up for more consternation. Does the word "Customize" (8) mean "Change Password" to you? And then, there's the innocent "Upload Photos" (9), but we'll get you through those problems too.

    CCOR Member Account

    Of course, to login, you will need an account and password. If you are a current CCOR member, you can request an account by emailing Loki. Loki handles most of the Accounts magic for the MnG gallery. Otherwise, Odin either fixes it, or sends the account to the the Old Norse "High Hall of Hel".

    Upon receipt of your request, Loki will send you your password. Please Customize (change) your password. If you forget your password, Loki will give you another one - which you should - Customize again. All new members are offered a Meet-n-Greet gallery account when they join. Members can request that their account be invisible to everyone except club members. Current members without an account can ask Loki for one.

    You can reach the Meet-n-Greet Gallery login page which is available from the CCOR Menu/Gallery/Meet-n-Greet our Members link.