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    Almost everything in the Meet-n-Greet Gallery is a link. Just click it and see what happens. Chances are, something will occur.

    Numbered Arrows

    1. Login
      Login to your Meet-n-Greet Gallery account. (Not necessary for viewing the gallery.)
    2. "Home"
      Takes you to the MnG Albums page.
    3. "CCOR Icon"
      Takes you to the CCOR Home page.
    4. "Gallery Help"
      This page.
    5. "First | Previous | 1 2 3..."
      See Subsequent Album Pages.
    6. Click a Member's Name or Photo
      to go to that person's Album.

    Gallery Description

    The CCOR Meet-n-Greet (MnG) Gallery is where you can see and learn about most of the club members and their photographic interests. Every member can have their own Album with a self portrait, a photo outlining their photographic interests, and up to 48 photos that illustrate their work.

    Navigating the Gallery


    You don't need an account to view the Gallery. Go to the MnG gallery and ignore the login box near the top. You will see a list of names down the left side, and a portrait of the individuals on the middle and right side. (6) Each name and portrait is an Album of that person's photos. Initial Gallery login page

    Thumbnail Photos

    If you click on an Album name or portrait, you will be shown thumbnails of that person's photos. Thumbnail photos


    If you click on one of those thumbnail photos, you will see a larger version of that photo. Robert Heller

    To go back to the Albums page, click "Home" (2). To get back to the CCOR home page, click the CCOR icon (3).