Who's Who

The Gallery

CCOR features a Gallery containing portraits of members and examples of their photographic work and interests. Anyone can look-up a participating member on our Meet-n-Greet Gallery page. If you're a CCOR member and would like to participate - read on.

Account Requests

CCOR Members Only

To ask for an account, send an email to either Loki or Odin. The Norse gods will work their magic and create your account and password.

To help you start, we have
MnG Help Pages
that show you how to login, upload and delete photos. Then, we'd like everyone to upload three items in particular.

Upload What?

1. A Self-Portrait

Okay, many of us don't like to have our own picture taken, but, I am hoping you won't mind other CCOR members looking at you. This is especially important for new members. Please take a selfie. The portrait should be pretty much just your head so we can recognize you at our meetings!

Oh, and if you don't want your album visible to the whole world, we can restrict your album so it can only be viewed by other CCOR members. If nothing else, we hope you will be visible at our meetings.

2. A text photo

Create a 30-second-text of your photographic life. List your interests, maybe a few photographic accomplishments, things you'd like to learn, perhaps things you'd like to teach. Include the text in a photograph just to make it pretty. If you need help, send us an email.

3. Some Photos

Last, but not least, upload some photos that you have taken and that you wish to share with the rest of us. We have a 50 photo limit, but anywhere from five to fifteen photos is common.

When to Join the
Meet-n-Greet Gallery

You can join (email Loki or Odin) whenever you like. Once we create your account, you can login, upload and delete your own photos to your heart's content. They will even be resized automatically for you.

Having said that, we have a special Meet-n-Greet meeting, usually in August, where we encourage all members to create or update their photos and info, if they so desire. We'd love to include you too.