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Who's Who

The Meet-n-Greet Program

Every August, CCOR features a "Meet-n-Greet" (MnG) presentation where we highlight each member's portrait, their photographic interests, and three photos they feel represent their work. It's a way to get to know each other better.

The MnG Gallery

Upload photos to your personal CCOR SmugMug Meet-n-Greet gallery using the year-long, private upload link which we send to you. Need your link? Email us.

What to Upload

Five Photos

Before the August meeting, we'd like you to upload 5 photos. Name them:

  • Jane Doe 1.jpg
  • Jane Doe 2.jpg
  • Jane Doe 3.jpg
  • Jane Doe 4.jpg
  • Jane Doe 5.jpg

Remember to include spaces! Okay, if you want, you can use underscores instead of spaces.

Jane Doe 1.jpg
A Self-Portrait

Upload your portrait or a selfie. It should show your face so we can recognize you!

Jane Doe 2.jpg
A text photo or Video!

Create a short paragraph of your photographic interests, maybe a few accomplishments, things you'd like to learn, or even things you'd like to teach. Include the text in a photograph if you want to make it pretty.

Or, you can try uploading a short video outlining the same things.

Three of your Favorite Photos
Jane Doe 3.jpg
Jane Doe 4.jpg
Jane Doe 5.jpg

Include three of your own photos that you'd like to share.

But Wait! There's More!

(Sorry about that.) You can upload up to 25 more photos throughout the year. And, you can name them whatever you want! But, to delete a photo, you have to send a request to our SmugMug, Librarian, Ann Barber.

Page Updated 08 15 2018