History of the Club

Founded 1947

The Camera Club of Oak Ridge was founded in 1947 and has been continuously active since then. The photo above shows the new club officers for 1947. The photo was taken by Ed Westcott (3233-2 DOE) in Oak Ridge, TN.

Yvonne Dalschen, the (2016) President of CCOR spent over a year searching the local library and newspapers for clippings, notices, and photos and created a 66 page, 20MB PDF document detailing CCOR's past history. It is available for your enjoyment in CCOR's online library along with associated photos and newspaper articles in a PDF slide show (80MB!) and a two-page CCOR Time Line file. All three files are linked below.
Yvonne - Awesome job! Thank you!

The following text is a shorter history of what Douglas Hubbard, one of the long-time members, remembers of the "old days".

Our club goes back to the beginning of Oak Ridge when Kodak was the manager of the Oak Ridge Facilities and promoted photography for its workers.  There has been only one club with basically the same core members over the years.  As the facility manager's changed, the club's name reflected that change.  When I personally was most active, it was called the Carbide Camera Club and our meeting programs and monthly contest winners were reported in the Carbide Courier newsletter. Participation was encouraged by management. The club was supported with donated meeting facilities, darkroom space and equipment, and studio space and equipment. Much of the equipment we owned was donated as cast-offs from the manager at the time. Dues were about $5.00/year.

Early Days

In the early days, the meetings were conducted behind the "fence" and a pass was required to get in. We then moved to a location which, I believe, was called the dormitories.  It seems to me that, the most major change occurred when UT-Battelle became the manager and decided not to support the club's activities.  At that time, we had an officer with personal connections to then dean at Roane State who had an interest in photography which saved the club.  With that change, membership dropped drastically.  Also, over the country, camera clubs in general dropped in membership and/or dissolved.  We have been rebuilding ever since.

Around 2000

About four (4) years ago Peggy Turner put together a display of old photographs and memorabilia concerning the history of the camera club which was on display at a salon held at the Oak Ridge Art Center. She, Bob Stone, Bill Harper, Bob Stephenson and others, who have been members since the 1960's, would be excellent sources of information as would Lester Petrie.  He was the sec/treasurer for about 18 years and was in office when I came back to the club.  Ray Smith has an intense interest in history and previously offered to author a history of the club but needed information which I do not believe was ever given to him.  There should be information somewhere which has been handed down through the secretary office.

Doug Hubbard

  When I became president in 2007, I was interested in who had proceeded me in that capacity and compiled a sketchy list for myself.  I can also look around for any additional information I have and will be glad to give it to anyone who would want it but assume that the secretary, Lee Smalley, should keep anything of substance with his other club "stuff".

The above is my perspective and brief summary of the club's history as I know it.  It is good to hear an interest!

Doug was President for four years from 2007-08 until 2011-12 at which time we started keeping the monthly, club newsletters online. They form a pretty nice history themselves and can be found in our documents web page.

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