Bi-Monthly Competition Rules

For Members Only

CCOR features bi-monthly competitions open to club members. The photos must reflect or demonstrate the theme for that month. The themes are different for each competition.

Submission Deadline!

NOTE: Make sure you submit your photos no later than the Friday before the CCOR meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. Photos submitted later than that may not be received in time to prepare the images for judging.

Photo Requirements

Enter only .jpg files

Save your photos as .jpg files. We might not be able to open files with other extensions.

Photo filenames

Name your files
"First Last #.jpg"
In each bi-monthly competition, Jane Doe can enter three photos named

  • "Jane Doe 1.jpg"
  • "Jane Doe 2.jpg"
  • "Jane Doe 3.jpg"

Note that we are using spaces in the filenames. At every bi-monthly competition you will start over with "Jane Doe 1.jpg".

No Resizing!

By popular request, you no longer need to resize your photos!

Upload your Entries

We are trying out a new method of submitting photos to our bi-monthly competitions. We will email you a SmugMug link that will be valid until midnight Friday before the competition. Just click on the link or paste it into your favorite browser and "Click and drag your photos into the SmugMug window."

Remember... if your files are not named like "Jane Doe 3.jpg" we will not know who owns it, and it will not be judged, even if it is uploaded successfully.

Questions can be directed to our SmugMug Librarian Ann Barber.

Photo Suggestions

Keep Filesize around 7 MB

This 7 MB suggestion is just that - a suggestion. If your file is larger, we will still accept it. We may eventually alter the 7MB suggested limit.

Add an IPTC Metadata Title

SmugMug will display a Title if you enter it into the IPTC metadata field.

Description / Caption

Leave the metadata Description field, (also called Caption) blank to ensure that your filename will be displayed in SmugMug. Enter other metadata as desired.

Updated 05 08 2019