Bi-Monthly Competition Rules

CCOR features a bi-monthly competition open to club members only. The photos must reflect or demonstrate the theme for that month. The themes are different for each competition.

Limit of 3 images per Member

Members can submit up to three Digital entries for each Club Competition.


Resized images

A Landscape (wide) photo should have its horizontal side sized to 1920 pixels. Its height must be 1080 or less.

A Portrait (tall) photo should have its vertical side sized to 1080 pixels. Its width must be 1080 or less.

Another way to think of it is you have to squeeze your photo into a box 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall.

Photos sized smaller than these dimensions will be displayed as smaller images on Roane State's 1920x1080 projector. So in the interest of fairness, images should be resized as described above.

Submission Deadline!

NOTE: Make sure you email your photos no later than the Friday before the CCOR meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. Photos emailed on Monday or Tuesday cannot be accepted because time is needed to prepare the images for presentation. Email your entries to: Club Competition mail link.

Special Note to Apple Users

The Apple email program embeds images in the email itself rather than including them as attachments to the message. PC users cannot save those embedded images, so if you use an Apple computer, you need to zip the image file. Here's how:

  • Click the Club Competition mail link.
  • While in your image folder -
  • Control-Click on the image
  • Click Compress filename.jpg
  • Click and Drag into mail
  • Identify yourself and your image's filename
  • Send the file

The Club Comp VP will acknowledge receipt of the file via return email. If you do not receive a receipt, we have not received the Entry. Please contact the Club Comp VP again. We don't want to miss your entry!