dSLR Videography

by Bryan Allen

Feb.10, 2015

All Aboard . . . the dSLR Video Train is Leaving the Station! – In this talk I will share my thoughts on the emergence of dSLR video as a critical and core capability that professional photographers may need to add to their arsenal to remain competitive in the coming years. Let’s not just talk about it though. I will walk you through the reasons why video production on the dSLR platform has taking off. Yay rah right?! So why isn’t everyone doing it. Well, let me also walk you through the challenges of shooting professional grade footage on this platform and how you can overcome those challenges. I’ll show you some of my work and more importantly some behind-the-scenes clips of that work being made to give you a feel for the requisite gear and grip to do the job right. So this is not Film School 101. Everything I discuss will be from the perspective on a photographer transitioning to shooting video . . . not the other way around. We’ll discuss what translates over and what doesn’t and why you just might be better suited to take on that big video job than you think! So buckle up and come on out. We’ll have some fun, play with some gear, eat some food and maybe stumble into some inspiration and learning along the way!

Bryan Allen

Bryan is an award winning and nationally recognized photographer and videographer based in Knoxville, TN. He has over thirty years of experience behind the lens. Bryan’s creative passion has always been photographing people and telling authentic stories through his imagery. Bryan’s distinctive style has wide commercial and consumer appeal. He maintains a commercial photography business servicing top tier clients, artists, athletes, and publications as well as a boutique wedding and portraiture business that has been voted Knoxville’s Best seven times. Bryan is also an engineer with over 20 years of experience in technology and media. Bryan has a passion for educating, teaching, and mentoring. He loves to share the craft and art of photography in the context of enriching one's own life while positively impacting the world in which we live. His diverse background, dynamic teaching style, and hands on experience make for a wonderful learning opportunity!